Handmade Goldenrod Felt Party Crown

These handmade felt party crowns are great for parties of all kinds, dramatic play or for simply playing dress-up! They stay secure with a Velcro strip that allows for easy adjustment.

Crown Features
  • Two layers of heavy duty felt with cotton batting in between
  • Felt Gems can be multi-colored or single color by request
  • Velcro fastener for quick and easy adjustment
  • Hand-stitched with contrasting Embroidery Floss
We can create custom crowns upon request. We enjoy trying new designs and ideas so, please feel free to send them our way. Just send us an email detailing what you would like!

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  • Christina Dean said...

    This is another of my favourites! My idea is to implement a "special helper" day at home for my 5 year old 25 weeker twins. Mom's helper gets to wear the crown at breakfast, lunch and supper and decide on the "treat of the day" It is really just a sneaky way to introduce chores but don't tell them that, ok?

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